Recommended opera shows

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Three To See on 28 Feb: Stegosaurus, Not I,  Ruth & The Dark Lady Of Sonnets
Three To See on 11 Feb: When You Fall Down, Three Comic Operas, Be Prepared
Three To See on 22 Nov: Eugene Onegin, Sex Workers' Opera, Typhoon West 2017
Three To See on 18 Nov: The Rake's Progress, Catriona Knox – Adorable Deplorable, The Coolidge Effect
Three To See on 4 Nov: The Lighthouse, The Diary Of A Nobody, War Plays
Three To See on 19 Sep: The White Bike, Senza Sangue & Bluebeard's Castle, The People Vs Donald Trump
Three To See on 8 Sep: The Blinding Light, The Magic Flute, The March On Russia
Three To See on 29 Aug: The Queen's Lace Handkerchief, Out In Africa, Adam & Eve
Three To See on 24 Aug: Motherlogues, Tim Heidecker & Neil Hamburger, Fun At The Festival
Three To See on 17 Aug: Collision, Foreign Body, Earth – A Children's Story For Adults
Three To See on 16 Aug: Samson and Delilah, Dirty Tap Funk, Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare
Three To See on 11 Aug: The Monk and The Lotus, Dancehall Sweethearts, zaZu Part II – A Fete Worse Than Death
Three To See on 10 Jul: Wet Bread, Jayde Adams is Jayded, Poulenc's La Voix Humaine
Three To See on 12 Jun: Carmen – Fire and Fate, Lions and Tigers and Ben Target, The Ugly One
Three To See on 26 May: Vixen, Room, Othello
Three To See on 24 May: Spring Reign, My World Has Exploded A Bit, The Mikado
Three To See on 12 May: The Magic Flute, Come With Me, Boris & Sergey’s Astonishing Freakatorium
Three To See on 11 Apr: Queen Of Carnage, Hervé, Shit Faced Shakespeare – Much Ado About Nothing
Three To See on 4 Mar: Puccini's Tosca, Mini Rumpus – Woodland Tails, Phantasmagoria Cabaret
Three To See on 12 Feb: Glitter Punch, On The Edge Of Me, Ulla's Odyssey