Recommended opera shows

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Threes To See 7-13 May: Longish Runs Starting This Week, Shorter Runs Starting This Week, One Night Stands
Threes To See 9-15 Apr: Opening This Week, Ending Soon, Short Runs, Three Comedy Shows
Three To See on 21 Nov: The Pirates Of Penzance, The Dark, Radiant Vermin
Three To See on 24 Aug: Xerse, Around The Block, Sam Fletcher – Live In Tufnell Park
Three To See on 22 Aug: Black Cat – Bohemia, Twelfth Night, Carmen The Gypsy
Three To See on 20 Aug: Anthony Jeselnik – Funny Games, Remote, Elephant Steps
Three To See on 16 Aug: Mosaic, Tom Binns Is Unbelievable, Fourth Monkey’s Scandal Season – Bombshells
Three To See on 13 Aug: Onegin and Tatiana, On Mother's Day, Spiral
Three To See on 9 Aug: The Improvised Shakespeare Company, Lucia Di Lammermoor, T2 Brainclotting
Three To See on 8 Aug: Greek, Tomorrow In The Battle, The Naked Dietician - Enough
Three To See on 7 Aug: Julio Torres – My Favourite Shapes, Home For A Lost Soldier, The Prometheus Revolution
Three To See on 4 Aug: The Cloakroom Attendant, The Angel By The Sea, A Fantastic Bohemian
Three To See on 3 Aug: Living With A Dark Lord, Rita & L'Heure Espagnol, The Three Musketeers
Three To See on 30 Jul: How To Make Me Happy, Andrew Bird – Aloof, The Boatswain's Mate
Three To See on 16 Jul: Damaged Goods, Half Me Half You, Dido and Aeneas
Three To See on 15 Jun: In Search Of Dinozord, Mamzer Bastard, Last Night I Met You Dreaming
Three To See on 19 May: Shackleton's Cat, Sarah Kendall – One-Seventeen, Funny Women Afternoon Comedy
Three To See on 18 May: Enough Is Enough, La Traviata, Land Of The Three Towers – Vol II
Three To See on 13 Apr: Muso, The Secret Life Of Humans, Tonight at 8.30
Three To See on 28 Feb: Stegosaurus, Not I,  Ruth & The Dark Lady Of Sonnets