Recommended dance and physical theatre shows

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Three To See on 2 Nov: Deny Deny Deny, Virgin Territory, The Last Dance
Three To See on 1 Nov: Happy Hour, Still Ill, Where Do Little Birds Go?
Three To See on 29 Oct: Spooky Swing, Lunch by Luke Courtier, Penguinpig
Three To See on 20 Oct: The Hotel Cerise, Wallflower, Richard Gadd - Monkey See Monkey Do
Three To See on 19 Oct: Use My Body While It's Still Young, Driving Miss Daisy, Tomorrow I Was Always A Lion
Three To See On 12 Oct: Snakes and Giants, Swansong, Ceirw - Savage Hart
Three To See On 9 Oct: The Magical World of the Piano – Family Concerts with Noriko Ogawa, Tetris / O Snap / No Man is an Island, Trident Moon
Three To See On 8 Oct: Why The Whales Came, History Of Ireland,  I Ride In Colour And Soft Focus, No Longer Anywhere
Three To See On 6 Oct: Oil, Ballet Black – Triple Bill, Domestica
Three To See on 29 Sep: Fagin's Twist , Cream Pie, Chris McCausland – Jesus Was Married And Look How It Turned Out for Him
Three To See on 25 Sep: The Girl And The Giraffe, In Spotlight - Trina and Raam, Emily Rising
Three To See on 24 Sep: The Brides Of Bluebeard, Femi Temowo - The Music Is The Feeling, Post Fringe Gala Bash
Three To See on 14 Sep: The Hogwallops, Stand Up For Syria, Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go?
Three To See on 31 Aug: Throwback, Axis Of Awesome  – Won't Ever Not Stop Giving Up, La Boheme
Three To See on 27 Aug: An Audience With Harry Deansway, The Listies, No Fit State/Motionhouse - Block
Three To See on 19 Aug: Somewhere Under The Rainbow, Rambert River Stage Weekend, Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep
Three To See on 5 Aug: Allegro, Transmission, And The Ugly
Three To See on 26 Jul: Sam Campbell - The Last Dreamer, Macbeths, Vamos Cuba!
Three To See on 13 Jul: Bluestockings, Patrias, Stalking The Bogeyman
Three To See on 12 Jul: Laugh Out London Comedy Festival, Shangri-La, Postcards 2016