Recommended dance and physical theatre shows

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Three To See on 19 Aug: Somewhere Under The Rainbow, Rambert River Stage Weekend, Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep
Three To See on 5 Aug: Allegro, Transmission, And The Ugly
Three To See on 26 Jul: Sam Campbell - The Last Dreamer, Macbeths, Vamos Cuba!
Three To See on 13 Jul: Bluestockings, Patrias, Stalking The Bogeyman
Three To See on 12 Jul: Laugh Out London Comedy Festival, Shangri-La, Postcards 2016
Three To See on 6 Jul: Beetles From The West, Barbarians, Peter Schlemiel
Three To See on 2 Jul: Live At The Chapel, Tales From The Shed, Ignition Dance Festival
Three To See on 1 Jul: Still Ill, Unexpected Tales, Dancing City
Three To See on 24 Jun: Giant, The Noise Next Door's Comedy Lock-in, LA Dance Project
Three To See on 6 May: Display, Wastwater, Dane Baptiste – Reasonable Doubts
Three To See on 3 May: I Have Been Here Before, Cooked, Wilton's Strike! Dance Festival
Three To See on 22 Apr: Shakespeare Reloaded weekender, May Contain Food, For All Time
Three To See on 15 Apr: Physical Justice, Darknet, The Man In The Woman's Shoes
Three To See on 7 Apr: In-Nocentes – National Youth Dance Company, Breaking Stones, The Brink
Three To See on 30 Mar: Princess Caraboo, Jamie Wood – O no!, A Flea In Her Ear
Three To See on 25 Mar:  The Best Of Both Worlds – A Busker's Opera, My First Ballet, Beacons
Three To See on 18 Mar: Bartabas & Andres Marin - Golgota, Deirdre O'Kane, Company Of Elders
Three To See on 10 Mar: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Lynn Ruth Miller, If You Kiss Me Kiss Me
Three To See on 4 Mar: Institute, B-Movie Ball, Merit
Three To See on 1 Mar: Gits and Shiggles Comedy Night, Love On The Dole, Immortal Tango