Recommended spoken word shows

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Three To See on 23 May: Shirleymander, The Daughter In Law, Ben Moor – Pronoun Trouble
Three To See on 17 May: How To Survive A Post Truth Apocalypse, Jack O Kent, Schism
Three To See on 11 May: Pupik, Love & Protest, DNA
Three To See on 5 May: Natalie Haynes – Honour Among Thebes, Affordable Art Exhibition, The Twins Macabre – Slay
Three To See on 4 May: Woke, World Without Us, Stunning Meara
Three To See on 1 May: Grotty, Baby Box, I Amdram
Three To See on 28 Apr: Working Class Dinner Party, Not Talking, Gracie
Three To See on 27 Apr: We Can Time Travel, Tribe, Tumble Tuck
Three To See on 26 Apr: Acting Up, Whatever Happened To Vandal Raptor, Coat
Three To See on 24 Apr: Broken, Big Bang – Common People, Bismillah! (An Isis Tragicomedy)
Three To See on 10 Apr: Rob Auton – The Hair Show, Buried – A New Musical, 5 Encounters On A Site Called Craigslist
Three To See on 6 Apr: Coming Clean – Life As A Naked House Cleaner, Bobby Mair - Loudly Insecure, Who Do You Think You Are? Barbara Brownskirt
Three To See on 1 Apr: White Guy On The Bus, Rob Auton work in progress, Death Of A Hunter
Three To See on 29 Mar: Frankenstein, The Devil With The Blue Dress, Bisha K Ali presents Comedians She Loves
Three To See on 15 Mar: Misty, Dying To Please You, For A Black Girl
Three To See on 3 Mar: Paper Scissors Stone, The Time Machine, Why Forgive? Real Stories Told Live
Three To See on 19 Feb: Invisible Women – A Mini Festival, Rose Matafeo – Sassy Best Friend, Frankenstein
Three To See on 12 Feb: Victim, Leaf, Waiting For Guido
Three To See on 5 Feb: King Lear Retold, Nick Mohammed – Characters, Gein's Family Giftshop – Volume 3
Three To See on 4 Feb: Happiness Ltd, Cyril's Success, Love Songs