Recommended spoken word shows

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Three To See on 17 Dec: Crick Crack Club – Gilgamesh, The Newcomers, Shazia Mirza
Three To See on 11 Dec: The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat, Martin Figura – Doctor Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine, Unicorn Party
Three To See on 10 Dec: Cinderella – A Wicked Mother Of A Night Out!, Sh!t Theatre's sing-a-long-a Muppet Christmas Carol, Essex Girl and Elina Alminas – Laura
Three To See on 30 Nov: Ladykiller, Lost In Thought, Women Of The Mahabharata
Three To See on 28 Nov: Boys, Fragments Of A Complicated Mind, Don't Forget The Birds
Three To See on 27 Nov: A Christmas Carol, Improvised Therapy, Next
Three To See on 26 Nov: A Night Of Small Things, Lucy Pearman – Fruit Loop, Hypocris
Three To See on 21 Nov: The Pirates Of Penzance, The Dark, Radiant Vermin
Three To See on 19 Nov: Glenn Moore, Crick Crack Club, Dr Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman
Three To See on 18 Nov: Hold, Caravan Of Dreams, The Mould That Changed The World
Three To See on 8 Nov: Vessel, No Direction Home – Refuge Woman, The Pit And The Pendulum
Three To See on 2 Nov: No Direction Home – Some Day Dominion, Brexit, Bury The Dead
Three To See on 1 Nov: Sweet Like Chocolate Boy, Chekhov's First Play, Mirabel
Three To See on 28 Oct: No Direction Home - The Dirty Word, Stunning Meara, Juliet Burton – The Butterfly Effect
Three To See on 25 Oct: I Wish I Was A Mountain, Princess Charming, No Direction Home – Belong
Three To See on 24 Oct: Forgotten, No Direction Home – Zugunruhe, Going Places
Three To See on 17 Oct: Henna Night, Two Little Ducks, The Watching
Three To See on 12 Oct: Declaration, Hopeless, Richard Carpenter Is Close To You
Three To See on 6 Oct: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Gynecologic Oncology Unit..., The Missing Light, Dice Festival
Three To See on 4 Oct: Rallying Cry, Inua Ellams' R.A.P. Party, Risklab