Recommended spoken word shows

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Three To See on 28 Oct: No Direction Home - The Dirty Word, Stunning Meara, Juliet Burton – The Butterfly Effect
Three To See on 25 Oct: I Wish I Was A Mountain, Princess Charming, No Direction Home – Belong
Three To See on 24 Oct: Forgotten, No Direction Home – Zugunruhe, Going Places
Three To See on 17 Oct: Henna Night, Two Little Ducks, The Watching
Three To See on 12 Oct: Declaration, Hopeless, Richard Carpenter Is Close To You
Three To See on 6 Oct: A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To the Gynecologic Oncology Unit..., The Missing Light, Dice Festival
Three To See on 4 Oct: Rallying Cry, Inua Ellams' R.A.P. Party, Risklab
Three To See on 29 Sep: Conseqüències, Confessions Of A Cockney Circus Dancer, Camden Underground - Witch Witch Witch
Three To See on 28 Sep: Freeman, Grey (First Bite), The Lesson
Three To See on 11 Aug: The Titanic Plays, Hatch, Jack and The Beanstalk
Three To See on 10 Aug: Busking It, Sh*t-faced Shakespeare, Your Kisses
Three To See on 8 Aug: Greek, Tomorrow In The Battle, The Naked Dietician - Enough
Three To See on 31 Jul: Breathe, The Mariner's Song, Wolf
Three To See on 24 Jul: Hot Brown Honey, Diamond/Hoard, Games and After Liverpool
Three To See on 18 Jul: Sod's Law, Honey, Cherry Blossom
Three To See on 17 Jul: Wil Greenway – These Trees The Autumn Leaves Alone, Invisible Light, Sisterhood
Three To See on 13 Jul: Katie Johnstone, Hive City Legacy, Anna Nicholson - Woman Of The Year
Three To See on 7 Jul: Circulate, (Even) Hotter, The Lampoons – House On Haunted Hill
Three To See on 1 Jul: Things We Chose To Save, This Is Not For You, Mabel & Mickey
Three To See on 30 Jun: Robin Ince – Pragmatic Insanity, Mixtape, The Coolidge Effect