Recommended spoken word shows

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Three To See on 6 Jan: Heartbreak House, The Ten Thousand Year Clock And Other Stories, Any Suggestions Doctor?
Three To See on 21 Dec: Sing-A-Long-A-Muppets Christmas Carol, Misalliance, Rapunzel
Three To See on 16 Dec: Nine Lessons And Carols For Godless People, Mark Thomas – A Show That Gambles On The Future, Tobacco Road
Three To See on 28 Nov: Speaking Bodies, Phil Wang – Kinabalu, Christmas At Kew
Three To See on 26 Nov: Lands, Scandinavian Christmas Market and Craft Central Christmas Market, Miniaturists 66
Three To See on 22 Nov: Eugene Onegin, Sex Workers' Opera, Typhoon West 2017
Three To See on 13 Nov: Damsel Develops, Beta Public VII, Under The Eyes Of Baron Samedi
Three To See on 6 Nov: Edgar Allen Poe – The Haunted Place, Contractions, Mother Courage and Her Children
Three To See on 27 Oct: Something Dark, Joy, Kinkens
Three To See on 23 Oct: Tricksterland, Billy Bragg & Friends, Geek Chic's Weird Science Presents: The Science Of Vampires
Three To See on 7 Oct: Upstream Comedy, The Gin Whore Tour, Droll
Three To See on 21 Sep: Zeraffa Giraffa, Ramona Tells Jim, Brixton City Festival
Three To See on 16 Sep: Laura Davis – Cake In The Rain, The Fems, Slave/Master
Three To See on 13 Sep: Gate, London Podcast Festival, Greenwich Comedy Festival
Three To See on 13 Aug: V, Sparky TKO: Mansplaining, There Be Migrants Here
Three To See on 12 Aug: The Non-Parent Trap, Wayne McGregor's +/- Human, The Odyssey
Three To See on 3 Aug: Doomed Resistance, The Bad Arm – Confessions Of An Irish Dancer, Unprescribed
Three To See on 18 Jul: An Injury, The Witch's Mark, Will Greenway – The Way The City Ate The Stars
Three To See on 8 Jul:  Lucy Aphramor - The Naked Dietitian, Summer In London, Arna Spek – Museum Piece
Three To See on 6 Jul: The Thinking Drinkers Sessions, Figs In Wigs – Often Onstage, Secret Life Of Humans