Recommended theatre shows

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Three To See on 2 May: Paul Duncan McGarrity - Ask An Archaeologist, The Gap In The Light, Becoming Mohammed
Three To See on 1 May: Oh Yes Oh No, Out Of This World, Occupational Hazards
Three To See on 29 Apr: Romeo and Juliet, Breakin Convention '17, Material Men Redux
Three To See on 28 Apr: Political Bodies, No Finer Life, This Beautiful Future
Three To See on 27 Apr: CTRL+ALT+DELETE, Giants Edinburgh preview, Motionhouse - Scattered
Three To See on 26 Apr: Luke Wright, Ross & Rachel, Divine Chaos Of Starry Things
Three To See on 25 Apr: Eurohouse, Drawn In, The Lounge
Three To See on 24 Apr: Sari – The Whole Five Yards, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Unrestricted View Film Festival
Three To See on 22 Apr: Sophie Willan – On Record, Bubble Schmeisis, City Of Glass
Three To See on 21 Apr: JV2, All The Things I lied About, Rubber Ring
Three To See on 20 Apr: Refugee Boy, So Many Reasons, Faslane
Three To See on 19 Apr: Ayesha Hazarika - The State Of The Nation, The MacBeths, Life By The Throat
Three To See on 18 Apr: Laugh Out London at The Antelope, Taival, Cuncrete
Three To See on 17 Apr: The Lost Gospel Of Pontius Pilate, Jessica Fostekew – Silence Of The Nans, Videk's Shirt
Three To See on 16 Apr: Lakavu, Ready Or Not, Joe Wells - I Hope I Die Before I Start Voting Conservative
Three To See on 15 Apr: Patrick Turpin - Itty Bitty Little Titty Piece, The Plague, Men & Girls Dance
Three To See on 14 Apr: The Rat Pack Presents... Richard Todd – Sellotape, Family Weekend at Sadler's Wells, Kill Climate Deniers
Three To See on 13 Apr: Quarter Life Crisis, Guards At The Taj, Smother
Three To See on 12 Apr: Joan, Lou Sanders – What's That Lady Doing?, Steve Furst – In Character
Three To See on 11 Apr: Queen Of Carnage, Hervé, Shit Faced Shakespeare – Much Ado About Nothing