Recommended theatre shows

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Three To See on 18 Jan: Fear And Misery Of The Third Reich, Edward II, Sacha Guitry Ma Fille Et Moi
Three To See on 17 Jan: Somber Sloughing etc, Still Ill, Lucy Pearman – Maid Of Cabbage
Three To See on 16 Jan: The Claim, So Many Reasons, Enter The Dragons
Three To See on 15 Jan: Calm Down Dear – Big Bang #1, Cry Blueberry, Knock Knock
Three To See on 14 Jan: Statements, Luca Cupani – It's Me, 100 Ways The Fire Starts
Three To See on 13 Jan: Twilight – Los Angeles 1992, Santa Madera, Lobster
Three To See on 12 Jan: Mathieu Geffré Dance – Act, Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival, The Mitfords
Three To See on 11 Jan: Fauna, Strangers In Between, East
Three To See on 10 Jan: The Here And This And Now, One Festival, Tiny Dynamite
Three To See on 9 Jan: Heretic Voices, Two Petite Pantos, Mistero Buffo
Three To See on 7 Jan: Into The Numbers, Nick Doody – Interesting Times, Imaginationship
Three To See on 6 Jan: Heartbreak House, The Ten Thousand Year Clock And Other Stories, Any Suggestions Doctor?
Three To See on 5 Jan: Newsrevue, Harley & Me, Natalie Palamides - Laid
Three To See in London over Christmas and New Year 2017: Theatre, comedy and family shows
Three To See over Christmas and New Year – theatre: Stop You're Killing Me, Hound Of The Baskervilles, Hanna
Three To See on 21 Dec: Sing-A-Long-A-Muppets Christmas Carol, Misalliance, Rapunzel
Three To See on 20 Dec: Puss In Boots, Our Man In Havana, What The Moon Saw
Three To See on 19 Dec: The Book Of Darkness And Light, The Ramshackle House, Sleeping Trees & The Chocolate Factory
Three To See on 18 Dec: The Wolves Of Willoughby Chase, The Tin Drum, MR James – Ghost Stories For Christmas
Three To See on 17 Dec: BMT & Friends, White Fang, The Little Prince