Recommended theatre shows

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Three To See on 26 Oct: No Direction Home - Adventures In Black and White, Silk Road, Boundaries
Three To See on 28 Oct: No Direction Home - The Dirty Word, Stunning Meara, Juliet Burton – The Butterfly Effect
Three To See on 27 Oct: Fake News, No Direction Home - Where We Began, White Teeth
Three To See on 25 Oct: I Wish I Was A Mountain, Princess Charming, No Direction Home – Belong
Three To See on 24 Oct: Forgotten, No Direction Home – Zugunruhe, Going Places
Three To See on 23 Oct: Andrea Constanzo Martini/Aris Papadopoulos & Martha Pasakopoulou, No Direction Home – Transporter, The Blue Bird
Three To See on 22 Oct: Canoe, Mark Thomas – Check-Up, Ayesha Hazarika – Girl On Girl – The Fight For Feminism
Three To See on 21 Oct: Testament, TERP, Black Is The Colour Of My Voice
Three To See on 20 Oct: It's True It's True It's True, Jericho's Rose, Lola & Jo – Focus Groupies
Three To See on 19 Oct: [F.E.A.R.], My Love Lies Frozen In The Ice, Startin' Point Festival
Three To See on 18 Oct: The Distance You Have Come, The Chief, John Lewis – Never Knowingly Undertweeted
Three To See on 17 Oct: Henna Night, Two Little Ducks, The Watching
Three To See on 16 Oct: I Infinite, The Incident, Castaways
Three To See on 15 Oct: The Rebellious Women Of Wimbledon, The Giant Killers, Ray Bradshaw – Deaf Comedy Fam
Three To See on 14 Oct: From Zimbabwe With Love, Dracula – Welcome To D's, Petrichor
Three To See on 13 Oct: One Life Stand, D-Code, Things We Chose To Save
Three To See on 12 Oct: Declaration, Hopeless, Richard Carpenter Is Close To You
Three To See on 11 Oct: Working Girls, Wonder Girl, Quietly
Three To See on 10 Oct: Falling Through The Cracks, The Little Prince, The Trench
Three To See on 9 Oct: Finishing Touches, Skate Hard Turn Left, Elephant And Castle