Recommended theatre shows

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Three To See on 29 Sep: Ashley Haden – We Are Still All C*nts, Dave Chawner - C'est La Vegan, Gin For Breakfast
Three To See on 28 Sep: Hijabi Monologues, Shall We Take This Outside, To Walk In Your Shoes
Three To See on 27 Sep: Donors, The Tempest, Fox
Three To See on 26 Sep: Frankenstein, The Duchess Of Malfi, The Hartlepool Monkey
Three To See on 25 Sep: Colin Hoult/Anna Man in How We Stop The Fascists, Carl Donnelly et al at The Good Ship, The Listening Room
Three To See on 24 Sep: The Hunting Of The Snark, Storyteller Storyteller, The Revlon Girl
Three To See on 23 Sep: Ribbet Ribbet Croak, Journey From Man To Woman, Rusty Nails And Other Heroes
Three To See on 22 Sep: Lucy Light, Fossils, Nick Coyle – Queen Of Wolves
Three To See on 21 Sep: Zeraffa Giraffa, Ramona Tells Jim, Brixton City Festival
Three To See on 20 Sep: Tumour Has It, Adele Cliff – Cliff Notes, Mouldy Grapes
Three To See on 19 Sep: The White Bike, Senza Sangue & Bluebeard's Castle, The People Vs Donald Trump
Three To See on 17 Sep: Aleena's Garden, Disco Kids – Blast Off!, Half-Breed
Three To See on 16 Sep: Laura Davis – Cake In The Rain, The Fems, Slave/Master
Three To See on 15 Sep: Pecs – The Gender Agenda, Dolphins and Sharks, Man to Man
Three To See on 14 Sep: O Deptford, When You Fall Down, Bridges Y Puentes
Three To See on 13 Sep: Gate, London Podcast Festival, Greenwich Comedy Festival
Three To See on 12 Sep: Bullish, Testosterone, Staged – The Colour Of The Sun
Three To See on 11 Sep: Fin Taylor et al, Angel, The Unknown Island
Three To See on 10 Sep: Black Is The Colour Of My Voice, Seven Sins, A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)
Three To See on 9 Sep: The Palest Ink, Deadclub, Alice Fraser - Empire