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Three To See on 10 May: Louise Reay – Hard Mode, John-Luke Roberts Builds A Monster, Snowballing

By | Published on Wednesday 3 May 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Louise Reay – Hard Mode | The Arches at St Mary’s Church | 10-11 May (pictured)
Award-winning comedian Louise Reay presents this award-nominated show, which is comedy crossed with immersive theatre, and is a satire about censorship which the audience experiences through the life of an artist working under an authoritarian regime. How would you act if you were always being watched? If you could not speak freely? Part of Wandsworth Fringe, see the website here for more.

John-Luke Roberts Builds A Monster | Soho Theatre | 9-13 May
The brilliant, absurdist John-Luke Roberts heads Soho-wards for a run of this show depicting an actual monster from the world of nightmares having a go at creating a comedy hour. Definitely funny, possibly frightening, and absolutely guaranteed to be weird. The blurb tells you to be afraid: I tell you to put any fear behind you and book your tickets for this. Right about here.

Snowballing | Camden People’s Theatre | 10-11 May
“Rebecca and Greg both like sex. They like doing it. They like thinking about it. They like watching it. Sometimes, it’s the only thing they talk about. And now they’re making a show. A sex show.” Another one from CPT’s Hotbed Festival of Sex, which, let’s face it, is tapping into a topic most of you will have at least a passing interest in. Rebecca is the excellent veteran theatre director Rebecca Atkinson Lord and Greg is that Greg Wohead whose stuff we are always talking about, so you can feel assured that this will work out well. Click here for details.

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