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Three To See on 11 Feb: When You Fall Down, Three Comic Operas, Be Prepared

By | Published on Sunday 4 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

When You Fall Down | The Hope Theatre | 11-12 Feb
One for aficionados of the golden age of Hollywood perhaps: James Dangerfield’s bioplay about slapstick and stunt-purveying star of silent movies Buster Keaton. It covers eleven years in his life, beginning with his first ever film making experience in 1917, ending with his signing by MGM just over a decade later, dealing throughout with his personal life as well as his professional failures and successes. For info and to book tickets, see this page, right about here.

Three Comic Operas | King’s Head Theatre | 11-12 Feb
A trio of comic operas which, as the blurb points out, will be lovely for opera lovers, but would, I expect, prove to be an ideal introduction for any interested novices out there. And they are: Offenbach’s ‘Le 66’, performed for the first time in the UK with an English Libretto; Peter Reynolds’ ‘Sands of Time’; the shortest opera on earth at 3 min 34; and new comic opera commission by John Whittaker, ‘The Proposal’ based on the excellent (I love it because I once acted in a staging of it) short by Chekhov. Head this way for more.

Be Prepared | Vault Festival | 7-11 Feb
“Tom’s a mess. Mr Chambers keeps phoning asking for a Funeral Director. Tom is not a Funeral Director. This is how getting one digit wrong can change a person’s life, forever. Conversations become confused. Memories start to intertwine and unravel, and two strangers unwittingly help each other to un-forget and connect to the people they loved.” Another fab show over at Vault Festival, a hugely acclaimed one man piece from writer and performer Ian Bonar, and today is your last chance to see it. Details here.