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Three To See on 12 Sep: I Occur Here, An Execution (By Invitation Only), The 2Northdown Mic Check with Garrett Millerick

By | Published on Wednesday 5 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

I Occur Here | Drayton Arms Theatre | 11-15 Sep
You may recall that we ran a Q&A a few weeks ago with one of the co-creators of this show – Mariana Aristizábal Pardo – when it was being performed at The Space. If you couldn’t make those August dates, then this is good news, because you have another chance to see it, at the Drayton Arms Theatre. Hurrah. It’s a devised piece about four young travellers and their experiences as migrants, and you can read more about it in our feature here and get your tickets here.

An Excecution (By Invitation Only) | Camden People’s Theatre | 11-29 Sep (pictured)
“The prisoner’s fate has been sealed. Sort of. Because if there’s one crime in this world that we can all agree deserves the ultimate punishment, it is this: Opacity. The prisoner is too opaque. Not at all clear. Far too complicated and worse than that, not real – not a real kind of person. You can’t actually put your finger on it. On what’s wrong. You want to but you can’t, they won’t let you which is just really annoying. So at the end of the day we’ll have a beheading which should provide something concrete for us to move forward from. Some solid ground we can all agree on.” Yes, you’re right: expect something clever and shocking. More info here.

The 2Northdown Mic Check with Garrett Millerick | 2Northdown | 12 Sep
Remember how a bit ago I made a grand resolution to highlight regular nights so that you don’t all go forgetting about them? Well here’s one, at 2Northdown – who, by the way, have an excellent post-Fringe Fringe highlight strand a-going on – hosted by the excellent Garrett Millerick. And he is of course joined by a fab line up of guests, namely Tom Rosenthal, Adam Hess, Chris Betts and Rosie Holt. Don’t delay, head this way today. Okay?