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Three To See on 13 Oct: One Life Stand, D-Code, Things We Chose To Save

By | Published on Saturday 6 October 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

One Life Stand | Canada Water Theatre | 13 Oct
“When we can have sex whenever we want, with whomever we want, why settle for a normal relationship? With the promise of fresh excitement just a swipe away, is Kat’s long-term lover really her lifelong dream?” A gig theatre production from an award-winning company Middle Child, who you may remember for ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’ or one of their other quality shows. Anyway, expect good things. See this page here for details.

D-Code | Tara Theatre | 13 Oct
“Where do you come from? Where’s your home? What’s in your home? What’s in your fridge?” Award winning performer Yael Karavan uses a DNA test as the jumping off point for a show which “reimagines our perceptions of origins in a globalized, multicultural world, tracing a line from the intimate and personal to the common and universal”. Physical theatre, dance, visuals, video mapping and an original soundscape by Carl Beukman, see the venue website here for info.

Things We Chose To Save | Greenwich Theatre | 12-13 Oct (pictured)
This sounds like an interesting idea for exploration: “In ten years’ time, we discover a way to record, store and replay memories at will. Editing memories becomes a booming business, and Molly is one of its leading lights. She watches thousands of other people’s memories every day. Billie, on the other hand, has no idea what she’s getting into when she decides to sell a memory of her own.” Already had a showing at Diorama’s Incoming Fest, and promises to be a “thoughtful and funny exploration of how we remember, what we remember, and why”. Head this way for more.