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Three To See on 14 Mar: The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat, Great Apes, The Dirty Thirty

By | Published on Wednesday 7 March 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Woman Who Gave Birth To A Goat | Camden People’s Theatre | 14 Mar
About time we got back over to Sprint 2018 at CPT, I reckon, as it’s been a whole, um, day, away from there. Well, there is so much great-sounding stuff on, it only makes sense to keep talking about it. Anyway, here is our latest pick, a show that delivers exactly what the title suggests: a story about a woman who is pregnant with a goat, which promises to be an absurd comedy examining the tricky relationship humans have with animals. For more information and to book, head right this way.

Great Apes | Arcola Theatre | 14 Mar-21 Apr (pictured)
“When Turner Prize-winning artist Simon Dykes wakes up one morning after a wild night out, he finds his world has changed beyond recognition. His girlfriend, Sarah, has turned into a chimpanzee. And to his horror, so has everyone else. Immediately rushed to hospital, Simon is taken into the care of charismatic radical psychiatrist Zack Busner and treated for being under the psychotic delusion that he’s human.” Will Self’s story, adapted for the stage by Patrick Marmion, staged using movement and puppetry. Sounds good, no? See this page right here.

The Dirty Thirty | Vault Festival | 14-18 Mar
I love things like this: a changing menu of thirty short plays, and excitingly, the audience get to decide the order in which the plays are performed, so each night will definitely be unique. Which is fun enough as it is, but then you’ve also got a variety of themes and formats to look forward to. Degenerate Fox promise to “engage, titillate, confront, expose, encourage, confess, and above all…entertain”, and I reckon they will make good on that. See the Vault website here for details.

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