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Three To See on 17 Nov: Jazz For Toddlers, MEH – Mass Epidemic Hysteria, Comedy Club 4 Kids

By | Published on Saturday 10 November 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Jazz For Toddlers | Stratford Circus Arts Centre | 17 Nov
The first of two shows we have for kids today (and why not…? It’s Saturday after all) and this ones for the younger end of the definition of ‘child’. This is part of the EFG London Jazz Festival 2018, an interactive session led by award-winning saxophonist Sue McKenzie, and bassist Una MacGlone who specialises in teaching improvisational music to early years. See the venue website here for more.

MEH – Mass Epidemic Hysteria | New Diorama Theatre | 17-19 Nov (pictured)
“1518, France. A woman walks into the street and starts to dance. She is joined by over 200 people all unable to stop. Many of these people dance themselves to death. The exact cause is still unknown. 2018, England. A girl walks onto the beach and starts to dance.” I have always been fascinated by incidents of mass epidemic hysteria, and wondered about them a lot. This show from The Outbound Project explores this unexplained phenomenon, and promises to be powerful and visceral. Head this way for details.

Comedy Club 4 Kids | Soho Theatre | 17 Nov
And so to our second recommendation of the day for your young fry, and this one is for your older kids, not your toddlers, because they won’t get the jokes. You’ll know about this one, because we’ve tipped it a lot. We don’t tip the show every single time it’s on in London, but we do like to occasionally point out when it’s on next, having had so many great experiences watching it in the past. For all the info, see this page right about here.