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Three To See on 18 Feb: Close Up, What Goes On In Front Of Closed Doors, Mark Bittlestone – Pity Laughs

By | Published on Sunday 11 February 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Close Up | New Diorama | 18 Feb
“In 1968 the Theatres Act abolished censorship of the theatre paving the way for freedom of speech across all media. Half a century later we are allowed to show and witness the unimaginable. But are we really free to assert our individuality? And if it isn’t government law, what are the systems regulating speech in the post-truth era?” This sounds really interesting, a show combining theatre and live filming and focusing on showbiz, sex and censorship. See this page here for info.

What Goes On In Front Of Closed Doors | King’s Head Theatre | 18-19 Feb (pictured)
This show about homelessness was a great success in Edinburgh last summer, not least with our own reviewer, who commended the play for approaching a difficult subject matter with honesty and empathy, and “offering an unflinching gaze at the practical details of being homeless without ever feeling like it’s preaching”. Performer Emma Bentley won a great deal of praise for her portrayal of the young and vulnerable Molly, so don’t miss this chance to see her in action. Details are here.

Mark Bittlestone – Pity Laughs | Vault Festival | 18 Feb
And so to another performer who generated warm responses from the critics at edfringe recently, as part of sketch troupe Babushka in 2016, and as one half of the show ‘Pity Laughs – A Tale Of Two Gays’ in 2017. I think it’s safe to assume that this appearance at Vault Festival will involve his half of the aforesaid 2017 show, in which he asks which is worse – losing both your parents in awful circumstances or being gay? Might not sound like the most obvious subject for humour, but I guarantee that Bittlestone will bring forth comedy from his own tragedy. Click ye here.