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Three To See on 18 Sep: Sexbox, 2Northdown’s Picks Of The Fringe – Sara Barron, Camden Underground – Together

By | Published on Tuesday 11 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Sexbox | The Place | 18 Sep
“‘Sexbox’ is a danced response to psychoanalyst Wilheim Reich’s belief that a healthy release of sexual energy is the crux of humanity’s salvation. Set to a score by pioneering German electronic musician and Reich disciple Ursula Bogner, you’ll be taken deep into stranger and stranger domains of liberation, perversion and sensuality.” A big success of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, see this page here for more.

2Northdown’s Picks Of The Fringe – Sara Barron | 2Northdown | 18 Sep (pictured)
And another Edinburgh success, you can tell because the words “Picks Of the Fringe” are in its title. And you might also tell by the fact that our reviewer really loved this show when he saw it up in the Scottish capital in August. Do you want to know what he said? Here’s some of it: “This is a candid and – more importantly – well written, beautifully delivered and damned funny show, with a finely judged dose of gleeful filth alongside some pointed truths about being a mother, a wife and a lover.” Info here.

Camden Underground – Together | Camden People’s Theatre | 18-19 Sep
“Three broadcasters are making their own show, being live streamed onto three screens in different corners of the space. The audience will see the performers both at the real level and the mediated level. There is not a centre of the performance: the audience is invited to wander within it and to participate anonymously by sending messages to the broadcasters with a web-based app.” Interactive experience exploring the effect of media on our behaviour, don’t forget to take your devices. Details right about here.

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