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Three To See on 23 Oct: Andrea Constanzo Martini/Aris Papadopoulos & Martha Pasakopoulou, No Direction Home – Transporter, The Blue Bird

By | Published on Tuesday 16 October 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Andrea Constanzo Martini/Aris Papadopoulos & Martha Pasakopoulou | The Place | 23 Oct
Loadsa good stuff on at The Place over the next week or so. And we begin with this, a double bill of fab dance duets. ‘touching.just’ is “ a rhythmic game dealing with the absurd, idiosyncratic, awkward and episodic meetings of two performers in their effort to interact and connect”, while ‘Scarabeo, Angles and the Void’, a slapstick-y piece about friendship. The latter of the two has its own family matinee on the 23 Oct, so I think that might be a good one for the kids this half term. Anyway, info, here for the double bill and here for the family matinee.

No Direction Home – Transporter | Camden People’s Theatre | 23 Oct (pictured)
As you can tell by the title there, this is one of the opening events in CPT’s No Direction Home, a festival of work exploring displacement, migration and refuge. “Maya – forever thirteen – is both ordinary and extraordinary; schoolgirl, time traveller, shaman. Tales of classroom conflicts, flights across deserts, ice cream dreams and thwarted revolutions weave together, and the local and the global, the personal and political collide.” See this page here for more.

The Blue Bird | Theatre503 | 23-25 Oct
“One wintry evening Tyltyl wakes to find a hump-back figure in his bedroom. She is obviously a fairy. Tyltyl must find the bluebird that makes people happy. And he must do so before morning. Tyltyl doesn’t know about bluebirds, or where he might find one but joined by his faithful pets the search begins…” Again, if you’re looking for a way to entertain some younger children this October half term, and I bet there’s at least a few of you out there, here’s another great looking option, an adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck’s classic fairy-tale. Details here.