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Three To See on 25 Sep: Tony Adigun’s Fagin’s Twist, Much Ado About Salsa, Picasso’s Women

By | Published on Tuesday 18 September 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Tony Adigun’s Fagin’s Twist | The Place | 25-26 Sep
The acclaimed Tony Adigun brings his Dickens-inspired dance piece back to The Place, so don’t miss your chance to see it. When it was on at The Place a couple of years ago, we spoke to him to find out lots about it – the themes explored, and to what extent ‘Oliver Twist’ informed the piece – and it was all rather interesting. So, take a look at that very-much-worth-reading Q&A here, and head to the venue website right about here to book.

Much Ado About Salsa | Drayton Arms Theatre | 25 Sep-13 Oct
“Down in sunny Cadiz, young Faith is due to marry Calvin, who adamantly refuses to learn to dance. Roped in by her charismatic father, Leon, to inspire Calvin onto the dancefloor, ex flames Bea and Ben re-ignite their spiky and passionate association – rather against their wills. But an unexpected turn of events brings darkness to Faith’s wedding day. Will a once-solid relationship be destroyed forever, or can it be restored through the magic of love and Salsa?” A favourite Shakespeare tale, hilarity and salsa…? Um, yes please thank you. Info here.

Picasso’s Women | Gallery Different | 25 Sep (pictured)
Three of Brian McAvera’s ‘Picasso’s Women’ collection of monologues, in a production that adds a very pertinent extra dimension by staging the performance in the very apt location of an art gallery. This already well-received show features the stories of Fernande Olivier, Olga Khokhlova and Marie-Thérèse Walter, played by Judith Paris, Colette Redgrave and Kirsten Moore, and was on at edfringe in August, in one of Edinburgh’s nicest art galleries. Details and tickets here.