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Three To See on 26 Jul: Bite Size Plays, Jumala, Love Genius And A Walk

By | Published on Thursday 19 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Bite Size Plays | Waterloo East Theatre | 26-27 Jul
Nigh on lots of years ago, and I think it must have been at the Brighton Festival, the TW team discovered White Room Theatre’s Bite Sized shows and helped to start our love affair with collections of short and snappy plays. It’s an Edinburgh preview, along with so many of the picks we’ve been offering you lately, but this is especially heartfelt: this lot have been doing this for more than a decade and I know you’re in good hands should you choose to accept this viewing mission. Head this way for more.

Jumala | The Albany | 26-28 Jul
“Ishmael has lived on Erde estate his entire life. There is nothing glamorous about Erde; when things, and people, are broken, they remain so. Despite his surroundings, Ishmael believes that one day he will become a renowned musician, taking him, and his mum, as far away from Erde as possible. However, when a black resident from Erde is unlawfully killed by the police, an uprising begins and the worth, and weight, of black lives is called into question.” An exploration of a social injustice, difficult but always important. See this page here for details.

Love Genius And A Walk | Ye Olde Rose and Crown/Rosemary Branch Theatre | 26-30 Jul
An award nominated play from New York, brought to the stage by an all female creative team that mixes the historical with the contemporary: “Gustav Mahler, a great artist, is devoted only to his work, his wife Alma, has issues of her own. In despair, Mahler goes to see Freud, and they discuss love and sabotage – and both men know well how the responsibilities of genius weigh. Contiguously, a modern couple, a banker and his wife (who is writing about Mahler), mirror Alma and Mahler, and the two stories twist and turn through the quagmires of love and genius.” See this page here for more info, and this page here to book.