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Three To See on 31 Oct: The Mysterious Gentleman, Fog Everywhere, House On Haunted Hill

By | Published on Tuesday 24 October 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Mysterious Gentleman | Courtyard Theatre | 31 Oct-17 Nov
It’s Hallowe’en, so I think we ought to have some vaguely haunting or at least unsettling stuff in our tips today. This doesn’t sound scary, but has slightly spooky themes. It’s based on the life of Victorian stage magician JN Maskelyne – who challenged fraudulent spiritualists as well as inventing loads of great tricks – and explores the question of what happens to us after death. See the venue website here for info.

Fog Everywhere | Camden People’s Theatre | 31 Oct-11 Nov (pictured)
Well, despite that title, which doesn’t look out of place in a ‘spooky’ line-up, this is the only one of today’s that doesn’t have a ghostly theme. One could, however, argue that this is scarier: this is a response to the fact that our capital city is failing to comply with clean air standards, and the drastic effects this is having on the health of London’s inhabitants, its children in particular. Head this way for details.

House On Haunted Hill | Leicester Square Theatre | 31 Oct-11 Nov
Around this sort of time last year we recommended a show called “Attack Of The Giant Leeches”, which I think was on at Etcetera Theatre, a hilarious homage to the US B-movie films of the 1950s. That same company are back with another such pastiche, this time at LST, and this time about a haunty house. Wooooooooooh. Click here to book your tickets.