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Three To See on 5 Aug: The Parentheticals – Improdyssey, Hymn To Love, Amy Howerska

By | Published on Sunday 29 July 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Parentheticals – Improdyssey | Etcetera Theatre | 3-5 Aug
If you ever conducted a study into how much we like improv here at TW towers, the results would overwhelmingly suggest “a lot”. So, you know, we always prick up our ears a bit when there’s a sniff of some improv about, because we just love funny and clever and well practised people getting up on stage and entertaining us by the seat of their pants. Not seen this troupe (who are on at Camden Fringe this week) before but they absolutely get extra points for coming up with ‘improdyssey’. See this page here for more.

Hymn To Love | Jermyn Street Theatre | 25 Jul-18 Aug
“In a Manhattan hotel room, Edith Piaf rehearses for her last US concert. But for Piaf the hotel holds memories. Eight years earlier she had telephoned her lover, boxer Marcel Cerdan, begging him to overcome his fear of flying and leave France to be with her. Hours later she heard the terrible news that his plane had crashed. Marcel was dead.” We love Piaf, and this is described as an “extraordinary musical homage”, so if you love Piaf too, get it on your list and get along to this page here to book your tickets.

Amy Howerska | Camden Comedy Club | 5-6 + 24-26 Aug
Gosh, so many things that we love today. Improv, Piaf and now Amy Howserka. And this sounds like it will be a great show, because it’s like one of those end of season clip shows that long running sitcoms do, except probably better. Amy does her favourite bits from three Edinburgh solo shows, her BBC Radio 4 extra special and the sweaty cider sodden years she has spent toiling on the UK circuit, but also promises new joked for hardened fans. This is another Camden Fringe show, see this page here for details.