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Three To See on 5 Oct: Ivan, I Am Turpin, Free To Stay

By | Published on Thursday 28 September 2017

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Ivan | Tara Theatre | 5-6 Oct
A one-man physical comedy, created and performed by Zimbabwe-born actor Scott Sparrow, ‘Ivan’ tells the story of the tragic life of failed dancer Ivan Popczieski, who, banished from his village along with his badly behaved tutu named Tootoo, makes his way to a refuge for lost dancers, unbalanced tight rope walkers and tone deaf musicians. Sounds intriguing to say the least. See this page right here for info.

I Am Turpin | Theatre N16 | 2-7 Oct
As you may well have gleaned from the title of this one, it’s about legendary highwayman Dick Turpin, though the focus seems to be on another character rather than the criminal himself: Gaoler Abigail, unaware of his notoriety, visits his cell in prison each day, bringing him his meals and letters, and a strange and uneasy friendship comes about. See the venue website here for more.

Free To Stay | The Albany | 5-6 Oct (pictured)
“Imagine a world without nationality, where you’re free of labels, utterly transient, without ID documents and don’t belong to the ruling order of any country. Now imagine that same scenario today; no choice about where you live, nowhere to raise a family, no chance of an education, a job, or seeing a doctor when you’re ill. No recognition that you even exist. What if you were one of the 10 million people around the world for whom this is a reality everyday?” A new play exploring the nature of community and the idea of life without nationality. Click here for details.