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Three To See on 9 Mar: Zoog, Ok Bye, Follow Suit

By | Published on Friday 2 March 2018

And today’s ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

Zoog | Camden People’s Theatre | 9 Mar (pictured)
“Zlil-hen Saks & Yoli Seker are not one of those couples who work together. Their relationship is none of anyone’s business and they generally had no intention of making a show about a hackneyed subject such as couples. How did it end up happening?” This sounds rather novel, which is what I’d expect from something showing as part of Sprint 2018 at CPT. Presented in both English and Hebrew, ‘Zoog’ promises to take its audience “on an intimate journey which is both extremely personal and utterly universal”. Details here.

Ok Bye | Vault Festival | 7-11 Mar
This is kind of a reminder, really, because you may already have seen and read our Q&A with the director and co-creator of this show, Vicki Baron, and therefore pretty much definitely decided that this is a must-see event. But in case you missed that… it’s an eclectic show, featuring physical theatre and storytelling, and explores the theme of goodbyes: how and why we go through them, the different ways we do it, and the impact they have on us. See this page here for more information.

Follow Suit | Vault Festival | 7-11 Mar
And I thought we’d stay at Vault Festival, because we can, and because this other show caught my eye. That sounds familiar, I thought. And then I remembered why it sounded familiar, it’s because it won so much critical and word of mouth acclaim up in Edinburgh last summer. It’s a dark physical comedy set against the backdrop of the world of high finance. Head this way to book your tickets.