Three To See over Christmas and New Year – comedy: The Harry And Chris Show 2, A Very Serious Christmas – The Improvised Panto, Shelf Word Xmas

By | Published on Friday 15 December 2017

And our seasonal ThisWeek-tipped, LDN-based events are…

The Harry and Chris Show 2 | Leicester Square Theatre | 29 Dec
“When many shows are about how depressing the world is at the moment, it was nice to finish on a song with a positive message, which some were still singing as they left the venue.” Is what our reviewer wrote about this show when he saw it in Edinburgh in the summer. And that sentiment made me feel as though this show would be just the sort to take in between Christmas and New Year. To the uninitiated: expect fairly unique and funny music stylings of a comedy-jazz-rap nature. Head this way to book tickets. Quickly, they’ll be going fast.

A Very Serious Christmas – The Improvised Panto | Rosemary Branch Theatre | 28 Dec
After a run at the Baron’s Court Theatre in the days running up to Christmas, the Very Serious People improv troupe take their improvised pantomime shenanigans to slightly more northerly climes with this one night stand at The Rosemary Branch. Very probably the kind of high energy hilarity that will help ping you out of that self-inflicted post food-and-alcohol stupor you might well find yourself in by the 28 Dec. See this page here to book.

Shelf Word Xmas | White Bear Theatre | 22 Dec
This one’s to get you grinning ahead of Christmas Day, just in case you’ve got a shift of hard kitchen labour and difficult relatives planned. Perhaps plan better next year, but this time maybe head to the White Bear Theatre for a night of funnies helmed by the excellent and award-nominated Elf Lyons, and also featuring the talents of Flora Anderson, Kemah Breon Bob and Amelia Stubberfield, and possibly more, if the promises of the blurb are to be believed. See this page here for details.