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Three To Stream 17-23 Nov: Theatrical Things, Comedic Things, More online accessible things

By | Published on Friday 13 November 2020


The Poltergeist | Southwark Playhouse | 20-21 Nov (pictured)
“Sasha was destined to take the art world by storm. At the age of fifteen, pop stars wanted his paintings, and a new exhibition was going to make him a millionaire. But now he lives in a run-down flat with his out-of-work boyfriend, serves in a stationers, and no one’s even heard of him… what went wrong?” When I first heard about this production, you were going to be able to go and see it in the actual theatre, but – sob – you all know too well by now what happened to that plan. Fortunately, you can view it this week via a livestream, which has its upsides, such as not having to leave the house on a grim night, depending on what the weather’s like. Anyway, find out more here.

Le Cat In (re)Boots | South Ken Kids’ Festival | 18 Nov
The South Ken Kids’ Festival takes place from 16-22 Nov and is now happening online. I’d picked this show out from its promised line up a while ago (when I thought it would be happening in person, of course) because it seems to offer an interesting take on the ‘Puss In Boots’ tale. “A cunning joker and a thief, the malicious cat is one of the children and grown-ups most beloved (anti)heroes! But who is he really? Exchange Theatre brings you a fantastic retelling of the story where the master trickster cat breaks down all barriers of class and origins and shows a strong sense of kindness and justice through the energy of dance”. More here.

Hedda | Bristol Old Vic | 18-20 Nov
Another livestreamed performance – this time from Bristol Old Vic and its associated theatre school – of Lucy Kirkwood’s adaptation of Ibsen’s ‘Hedda Gabler’, set in London’s Notting Hill in contemporary times. “Hedda feels trapped by the prospect of normality. Having just returned from her honeymoon with George, an academic who she doesn’t love, a future in this utterly boring environment terrifies her. With George occupied with yet another paper on robotic ants and his dowdy sister Julia fussing over the prospect of aunthood, Hedda naturally tries to make things more interesting”. Find out more and book tickets here.


BEST BEFORE: The Mark Thomas Comedy Product Vintage Cuts | 19 Nov
Older readers will no doubt remember fondly of old the “ground breaking, law changing, corporate shaking” Channel 4 show that was ‘The Mark Thomas Comedy Product’. And, given the way it challenged the establishment and had a tangible effect on it, you’re probably also wishing it was still on our screens. In this special livestreamed event, Thomas and the show’s producer Geoff Atkinson look back at the programme, taking in their favourite clips and discussing them with a live audience. Click on this link here for more info and to book yourself in.

The Thursday Show | Free Festival | 19 Nov
The second of a promised series of weekly events – a fact which you might well have divined virtue of its being called ‘The Thursday Show’ – staged by the Free Festival and delivered via Twitch. The show features a trio of performers we first became acquainted with via the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, two of whom we have interviewed in relatively recent times if you are interested in finding out a bit more about them. Sorry, what? Who are they? Ah, yes. Jay Sodagar, Vladimir McTavish (Q&A here) and Dave Chawner (Q&A here). Tune in to the show here.

Comedy At The Covid Arms | 21 Nov
Another comedy competitor for your attention, and another line up featuring TW favourites of long standing, courtesy of The Covid Arms. This time we are looking forward to the presence of “landlady of The Covid Arms” Kiri Pritchard-Mclean, the “effortlessly confident” James Acaster, “one of the most exciting acts on the circuit” Sophie Duker, and “crafty, self-aware wit” Ivo Graham. So that’s all great isn’t it? And what’s more, there is music from Sheyi Martins-Allen. Lots more about the acts, and a ticket booking link, right about here.


Falling Stars | 22-29 Nov
Another show that was supposed to be taking in actual live human audiences this week, but has become a victim of the latest lockdown. The good news, obviously, is that they’ve decided to stream it for your delectation instead. Conceived and written by Peter Polycarpou, ‘Falling Stars’ is a song cycle homage to the composers, collaborators, and publishers of the 1920s, which tells the story of a lost songbook and brings to life the sounds of a bygone era. You can book yourself in here.

Patriarchy And Pandemic | Women Of The world/British Library | 17 Nov
“The global pandemic has exposed the unequal fault-lines in society, with domestic violence surging and women’s workforce participation compromised. But women leaders worldwide have been commended for their responses to COVID-19, with research showing female-led countries reported half as many COVID deaths. Find out why, and what impact the crisis is having on gender equality”. A live, online event, chaired by WOW founder and director Jude Kelly, and featuring the following speakers: Women’s health pioneer and Somaliland Special Envoy Edna Adan, former New Zealand PM Helen Clark, and Conservative MP Caroline Nokes. More here.

Reweirding: Play Like A Feminist – Why Video Games Need Feminism | Conway Hall | 23 Nov (pictured)
More woman stuff for you now but I am not sorry: in fact, I am very interested in this talk by Shira Chess, another of the brilliant Conway Hall’s online events. “Playing like a feminist is empowering and disruptive; it exceeds the boundaries of gender yet still advocates for gender equality. Playing like a feminist offers a new way to think about how humans play -and also a new way to think about how feminists do their feministing. Chess argues that feminism needs video games as much as video games need feminism”. Click here for info and to book.

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